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Trusted premium service


With more than 30 years combined experience working in Regional Internet Registry (RIR) system, Dstream Group delivers expert advice on your IPV4 Address market needs whether you are a buyer or a seller.

We have accumulated an extensive global network of operator contacts and we are in a unique position to connect those looking to transfer resources. We advise on the unique aspects of ensuring that buyer, seller and wider internet ecosystem benefits from such transactions.


In today's Internet, reputation is paramount. As global experts we know that sellers often have unique preferences as to who obtains their address space and how & where these resources will be utilised.

Our premium IPv4 transfer service delivers:

  • Explanation and guidance of the entire transfer process

  • Best match of price and criteria for both parties

  • Assistance with contractual agreements necessary for the transfer

  • Comprehensive knowledge of all RIR policies and procedures to ensure compliance and a smooth process

  • Unparalleled understanding of the multi-stakeholder RIR community 

Dstream Group is a RIPE NCC Member and a Recognised IPv4 Transfer Broker.

Contact us for your transfer needs:

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