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Dedicated, Passionate and Determined


Senior Consultant

Visionary, Strategist and Motivator

Global and dynamic professional with experience in strategic planning and implementation and an ability to provide creative and forward-thinking leadership on complex projects in an international environment. An Internet governance expert passionate about Internet development and an ability to forge relationships globally to build and unite communities and industry leaders in the technology space. A visionary with 30 years’ experience in the Internet industry and a solid understanding of the Internet’s technical aspects, business development, and public policy.

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Senior Consultant

Leader, Implementer and Connector

Accomplished, results-oriented leader with a robust track record of performance in dynamic and rapidly growing organisations. Employs keen analysis, insights and a team approach to implement strategy and drive organisational improvements. Superior interpersonal skills, capable of resolving multiple and complex issues and motivating individuals to peak performance. Large global personal network developed over a period of almost 20 years in the Internet industry. Thrives on challenges with a proven ability to embrace change. Almost three decades of management experience in a range of business sectors. Innovative, creative, social and strategic.

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