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What makes us unique?

Built for Success


With an unparalleled global network at all levels in both the public and private sector acquired through working in the core of Internet administration for more than 20 years, we are experts in the Internet technical ecosystem. 


We have built technical communities and deployed engagement strategies in a region spanning more than 75 countries resulting in high levels of trust and untarnished reputations bringing knowledge exchange and a fresh approach to connecting people and businesses. We have a long-standing history of representing the technical community in a variety of governmental, intergovernmental and multi-stakeholder Internet governance fora means we know public and private sector positions on Internet policy.


This has awarded us with access to global experts, cutting edge technology solutions and insight into business and public policy developments driving the future of the Internet.


This is made possible by a motivational and energetic approach to relations and connecting professionals. Through our exposure to diverse cultures and business approaches we are able to adapt and excel in any environment.

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